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Trop Rock'N Duval(c) 2024

Love Trop Rock Music? Join Us in Key West for

Trop Rock'N Duval© (Oct 29-Nov 3, 2024)!

Dive into the ultimate tropical music experience at Trop Rock'N Duval, hosted by BeachFront Radio and BeachFront Entertainment! This vibrant festival brings the laid-back island vibes of Key West to life, featuring a stellar lineup of talented musicians, lively venues, and unforgettable moments. From the rockin' rhythms of Trop Rock and Calypso to the energetic beats of Soca and Reggae, Trop Rock'N Duval has something for every music lover.

Why You Should Attend:

Live Performances: Enjoy live music from some of the best artists in the tropical music scene, performing at iconic venues across Key West. To include, Margaritaville, Smokin' Tuna, Hanks Hair of the Dog, Rams Head Southernmost, Island Dogs, Schooner Wharf, Hogs Breath, Durty Harry's, Rick's, and more to come.

Exclusive Savings: Take advantage of special food and drink deals at selected bars and restaurants with our exclusive Passport Package. Go to the Passport page to get great savings on food and drinks at most of the venues listed above. Plus you get a t-shirt. You will save more than the cost of the passport. And all the profits will benefit the musicians. . . . Also Save on some great Hotel and Lodging deals.

Support the Artists: All profits from our T-shirt and Passport Package and other fund raising like the 50/50s will go directly to the musicians and artists, helping to support their incredible talent.

Community Vibes: Immerse yourself in the friendly, relaxed atmosphere of Key West, meet fellow music lovers, and create lasting memories.

Volunteers Needed: We need volunteers to help us in many areas. Helping to hand out the t-shirts and passport packages, running the 50/50 raffles to support the Musicians. We also need people to take pictures of all the fun people are having so we can post them to our web site after it's over. Contact us at BeachFront Radio via email if you would like to help out. Email us at:

Don't miss out on the fun, sun, and sensational music at Trop Rock'N Duval. Learn more about the event, explore the schedule, and get your passport to Trop Rock'N Duval today!

Join us for an unforgettable celebration of tropical music and culture – only at Trop Rock'N Duval!

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"Magic in Key West" by Howard Livingston

"Sharing Aloha" by Ronnie Tsunami & the Wave Riders



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